Live photo-sharing app Heygo has roots in Costa Rica

By Zach Dyer

Claudio Umaña always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and last year he got his chance. The 36-year-old electrical engineer got a phone call from an old friend from their time together at Intel in Costa Rica with an idea for a smartphone application. Umaña hopped on an airplane and moved to Barcelona, Spain, soon after to get in on the ground floor.

The app that got Umana excited enough to move across the Atlantic was Heygo, a real-time photo streaming service. Currently available only for Android on the Google Play store, it lets users share photos based on live events or themes called “collective moments.” The app went live three months ago. Heygo’s other founders include Nicolás Espinosa — Umaña’s friend from Intel — and Arià Prat.

Umaña said they need to convince people it’s not “just another photo-sharing app.” Heygo stands out, he said, because of how it organizes photos around specific events instead of hashtags. “People look for simplicity,” Umaña said. Heygo lets users upload and see public photos related to an event or share them privately between friends. Unlike SnapChat, the photos stay online and can be reviewed later. Umaña said the app also offers higher … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times