Liberia Airport to Get Revamped To Accommodate More Passengers

Costa Rica News – Liberia airport has been revved up in order to receive 300,000 more passengers.
Daniel Oduber’s 4,188-square-meter extension will be ready this November. This represents a 17%increase in space.
The Air terminal will feature larger boarding rooms, new spaces for airlines and 6 additional shops. Additionally, there will be two extra boarding rooms, new checkpoints in the main hall and the construction of a VIP lounge.
The estimate is that the airport will go from serving 1.1 million travelers a year to 1.4 million.
This includes those entering and those leaving through this terminal in Guanacaste.
The work has an investment value of $10.3 million, as confirmed by the manager.
The new shops will serve food, beverages, handicrafts, jewelry, fashion items and pharmacy items.

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